What about the installation and maintenance of Spinbox?

Instlallation of Spinbox is extremely simple. Spinbox is a plug & play system, so that you just have to connect the Spinbox main module to the power (220/110 Vacc 50/60 Hz) as well as to connect the rest of optional control modules (feeding device, scanning emitter motion, rotating collectors control, etc) to the Spinbox main module. Solvent vapours extraction (when processing organic solvents) must be provided by the user either placing the Spinbox in a fume-hood or by connecting a hose to the outlet connector placed at the right side of the Spinbox main module and taking the hose outside the lab (the hose is not included within the supply) And that’s all! When it comes to maintenance, it is pretty simple as well. You just will have to follow our instructions and recommendations for a proper maintenance (included at the Spinbox user guide).

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